atwhatagedocatseatalone 8AC23976

At what age do cats eat alone?

From the first stages of life, the feeding that a kitten takes it must be very balanced so that the deficits do not generate problems in the future. A good diet is equivalent to the good health and well-being

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amountofdailyfoodforcats 68C45ADD

Amount of daily food for cats

The cats are carnivorous animals They prefer to eat several times a day instead of just one, just like they do in the wild. In addition, they do not usually eat more than the bill, but only eat what

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6homemaderecipesforbabycats C80511D5

6 homemade recipes for baby cats

Few moments will be as crucial to the healthy development of a feline as its first “childhood”. A baby cat needs to obtain the necessary nutrients to strengthen your immune system and prepare your body for your adult age.

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5paterecipesforcats B8078A53

5 pate recipes for cats

There are many tutors who wonder if The pate It is a good food for your cats or if it can cause digestive problems. The benefits provided by the pâté in the nutrition of our pigs will depend mainly

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5barfrecipesforcats 769701EA

5 BARF recipes for cats

We know that it is not the same to offer I think a barf diet to cats, however, if we take care of the detail the diet of the feline and we avoid creating nutritional deficiencies, both types of

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3recipesoftreatsforcats F3083B59

3 recipes of treats for cats

The candies They are ideal to delight the palate of our cat but, in addition, they can be used in training through positive reinforcement and, although it seems incredible, they can be one of the best nutritional supplements for

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3 gourmet recipes for cats

The term “gourmet” is associated with the excellence of gastronomy, and if we use it with reference to our pets it is clear that those with the most demanding palate are cats, highly greedy and capricious when it comes

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