howtomakecookiesforcats 18A2F8E4

How to make cookies for cats?

The snacks and prizes for cats they play a fundamental role during their education, and that reinforcing good behavior is always synonymous with success. However, many are the people who prefer to opt for a natural diet to feed

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howtomakeamalnourishedcatfat 9C7F4E57

How to make a malnourished cat fat

Unfortunately, sometimes we find some small stray cat that at first sight is observed to be malnourished. If we feel sorry for the animal and wish to adopt it or help it recover its original weight, we must be

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howtohelpakittentodefecate 0C2C1CBE

How to help a kitten to defecate

If you have just rescued or adopted a small kitten, you should know how to help him defecate. After each intake of cat-specific milk, the small cat must empty the intestine and relieve itself. We must do what every

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howtofeedanewbornkitten 3E5E7B3E

How to feed a newborn kitten?

A kitten must stay with her mother and drink her milk until 8 weeks after birth, including 10 weeks, before being adopted: nothing replaces her mother to give her the nutrients she needs and the care that will allow

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howtodetectnutritionaldeficienciesinthec 581339A9

How to detect nutritional deficiencies in the cat

The continued use of very basic or poor quality feed can affect the health of our cats causing nutritional deficiencies.

When this happens, several symptoms appear in the cat that show nutritional deficiencies in the cat. It can also

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howtochoosethebestfeedformycat 4601E41E

How to choose the best feed for my cat?

Cats have become booming pets with respect to other animals because they are so highly independent and have little dependence on humans, something that makes them easy to care for and maintain.

However, and despite being an animal that

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howtochangeacatsfood 61FCA252

How to change a cat’s food?

You have probably heard that domestic cats are owners of a very selective palate, making the process of changing diet a real challenge. It is an undeniable truth that we must be very careful and be cautious when offering

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homemadefoodforcatswithkidneyfailure 259A5437

Homemade food for cats with kidney failure

Kidney failure in the cat is a condition that affects your day to day, causing pain, loss of appetite and depression among other symptoms. Regardless of the treatment of the disease itself, it will also be essential to be

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homemadefoodforcatsfishrecipe C1B838F5

Homemade food for cats – Fish recipe

Offering homemade food to our cat from time to time is a pleasure for us and for him, who enjoys fresh and healthy food. In addition, it helps you understand your cat’s food needs. Of course, you must take

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fruitsandvegetablesrecommendedforcats C53A8317

Fruits and vegetables recommended for cats

Although cats are carnivorous animals, they can occasionally be given certain amounts of fruits and vegetables recommended for cats. Of course, you have to go very carefully and not try to experiment, since certain fruits and other vegetables

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