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Natural supplements for cats

The fashion of nutritional supplements has crossed the human nutrition and has also reached our companion animals, precisely as it is a phenomenon on the rise, it is important to have enough information to understand that they are not

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mycateatswellbutisverythinwhy 5A685B9C

My cat eats well but is very thin, why?

The weight in the animals always generates doubts among the owners, whether they have an overweight cat at home or if they live with a very thin one. But, often, the changes in the weight of our animal are

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mycatdoesnotwanttoeatithinkwhatcanido 49C4CC8F

My cat does not want to eat, I think, what can I do?

Sometimes our cat will not want to eat feed. What can we do? We ask ourselves on those occasions.

Do not worry too much, They are usually transient episodes They usually have a simple solution. Observe carefully the behavior

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Meatloaf for cats

The feeding of the cat is one of the essential cares to preserve its good health. Every feline, whether mestizo or of a defined race, requires a complete and balanced nutrition to optimally develop their physical, cognitive, emotional and

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Is tuna good for cats?

Tuna is one of the healthiest fish, nutritionally speaking, since it not only provides proteins but also beneficial fats for the health of the cat, in addition, these little cats love it, but we should not take this information

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Is honey good for cats?

The palate of a cat is not easy to please, much less if we talk about domestic cats that have already adapted to a varied menu that can be formed by dry feed, cans of wet food and even

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Is bread bad for cats?

Adopting a cat implies actively participating in all the care it requires. Take it to the veterinarian, provide fun and an own space, treat it with affection and respect or ensure your diet are just some of these responsibilities.

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Hypoallergenic diet for cats

Surely you are wondering what is a hypoallergenic diet for cats, or under what circumstances your cat may need this type of feeding. Like humans, the rest of mammals can suffer allergies of all kinds, from some related

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Human food that a cat can eat

There are many foods that humans consume that are also suitable for our cats to consume them. However, a basic premise that we should always observe is that they are neither raw nor overly spicy. Salt, sugar, pepper, vinegar

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How to prepare meat for cats?

More and more people want to feed their cats, either on a timely basis or daily, with homemade recipes and healthy. Is this your case? If so, you have arrived at the indicated site, in this article we will

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