whydoesmycathavealotofgas 35C45A81

Why does my cat have a lot of gas?

Did you know that flatulence or intestinal gas Are they very common in all mammals? Therefore, we can also observe this phenomenon in our cat, which does not always indicate that there is a problem in the digestive system,

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whydoesmycatgetapenis 2CFCCE71

Why does my cat get a penis?

If we observe our cat preening, what he will do frequently every day, sometimes, when he approaches the genital area, we can see his penis. Apart from these moments, it is difficult for us to appreciate it, so if

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whydoesmycateatthesand 10665E21

Why does my cat eat the sand?

Maybe you’ve ever seen that your cat eats the sand out of its box and you do not understand this behavior. This is due to a disorder called pica, which consists of the intake of non-nutritional objects, since,

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whydoesmycateatplastic 6215E97E

Why does my cat eat plastic?

Food is a very important aspect in the life of the felines. In nature, hunting is not only a fun that the cats teach their puppies from a very young age, but also the only way of life

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whydoesmycatdroolwhenipetit 3F0FA9D8

Why does my cat drool when I pet it?

Like us, cats can drool for different reasons and in response to various stimuli. Salivation is a normal and healthy phenomenon of your body, although it may be worrisome when it occurs excessively or suddenly.

Did you ever indulge

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whydoesmycatdroolwhenigivehimmedicine B87A5BFF

Why does my cat drool when I give him medicine?

Most people who have cats when it comes time to medicate them start shaking. They know it’s going to be a stressful situation both for them and for their pet and, therefore, it is very important to transmit to

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whydoesmycatcoughalot 578B63BF

Why does my cat cough a lot?

There are several causes that can lead to access to cough in cats. In this article we will review the main reasons that will allow us to answer the question of why our cat coughs a lot. By

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whydoesmycatbleedfromthevulva 06EDD1A6

Why does my cat bleed from the vulva?

If you have noticed that your cat is bleeding from the vulva it is totally understandable that you are worried, because this signal indicates that something is not going well and that, probably, you are facing a health problem

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whentotakethecattotheveterinarianforthef 3E9BB1D4

When to take the cat to the veterinarian for the first time?

Adopting a kitten can be an exciting experience, especially if it’s the first time you live with one of these animals. Adoption entails different responsibilities, from providing the love you deserve, feeding and offering a space to take charge

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whattodoifmycatvomits 9BBF233E

What to do if my cat vomits

Occasional vomiting is a pretty common problem in the cat and it does not have to be serious. But if these vomits become more frequent they can be the symptom of a more serious pathology and you have to

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