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Anemia in cats – Symptoms and treatment

Although cats and dogs are very different companion animals, the truth is that a cat needs, just like a dog, veterinary attention, adequate food, company, time and as much dedication as we can provide.

The reason is that our

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Anaphylactic shock in cats – Symptoms and treatment

El anaphylactic shock in cats It is one of the most common veterinary emergencies, however, it must be treated correctly and promptly to avoid putting the feline’s health at risk. But what is an anaphylactic shock in cats? It

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alternativestotheelizabethancollarincats CBAD34C9

Alternatives to the Elizabethan collar in cats

After surgery or accidental injury, our cats have tendency to lick the affected area. However, if it is licked and bitten, the lesion will become infected, as well as points can be opened if it is worn.

To avoid

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aloeveraforcatswithleukemia D3E0BB63

Aloe vera for cats with leukemia

Cats are strong domestic animals but also susceptible to a multitude of diseases, some of them very serious, as is the case of feline leukemia, a viral disease that directly affects the immune system and which unfortunately does not

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allergytofleabitesincats FAA0150F

Allergy to flea bites in cats

Fleas are very small insects that barely reach 3,3 millimeters in diameter but that may be able to cause real havoc in our pets, since in addition to being very agile they have a specialized anatomical structure that allows

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Allergy in cats – Symptoms and treatment

Surely you’ve heard that some acquaintance has an allergy to cats, but did you know that cats can also have allergies to different things, including allergy to humans and their habits?

If you are the owner of a cat

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acralgranulomabylickingincats E426B5DF

Acral granuloma by licking in cats

Those who have decided to welcome a cat as a pet know that few pets are as independent and genuine as these cats, which also have impeccable hygiene habits and for this reason they do not tolerate unhygienic environments.

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5symptomsofacatgoingtodie 02B8F59D

5 symptoms of a cat going to die

Death is a natural process that all living beings experience. Sometimes it can be difficult to perceive, especially in cats. As you may know, cats show little signs of pain or illness.

If you suspect that your cat may

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5 stress symptoms in the cat

Stress is a defense mechanism that is not only present in humans, but also in animals, in fact, it is an adaptive response to the environment that allows survival in situations of danger.

The main problem is that stress

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4symptomsofkidneydiseaseincats 9023AB5F

4 symptoms of kidney disease in cats

From the age of seven or eight, our cat starts in old age, which entails special care. It is highly recommended to perform geriatric studies and thus obtain a early diagnostic of certain diseases, such as the case of

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