cancerincatstypessymptomsandtreatment 3191882C

Cancer in cats – Types, symptoms and treatment

When we talk about cancer in cats we refer to a set of diseases that cause the uncontrolled division of cells in different parts of the body, thus causing in most cases the appearance of a tumor. Due to

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bordetellaincatssymptomsandtreatment E401890E

Bordetella in cats – Symptoms and treatment

Cats are susceptible to numerous diseases, and all of them deserve adequate attention even if some of them manifest only mildly. This is the case of bordetella, whose clinical picture is not very serious but not treated It can

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bloodinthecatsstoolcausesandpossibledise 1961CC2D

Blood in the cat’s stool – Causes and possible diseases

Any pet that we decide to welcome in our home needs care that will ensure you enjoy a good quality of life and for this care we need a very important resource, our time.

We need time to accompany

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bengalicatdiseases AAE83363

Bengali cat diseases

If you are the companion of one of these domestic cats with a coat so similar to that of their relatives the wild cats, you will be interested to inform you well about the possible diseases that your faithful

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bachflowersforcats 8F68871D

Bach flowers for cats

In recent years we often hear about Bach flowers, also applied to our pets. There are more and more cases treated with this therapy, as well as veterinary professionals who are trained in this discipline. In this article we

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avoidcatdizzinessbycar 8E9F67F7

Avoid cat dizziness by car

The idea that the cat is as wild as it is independent is widespread, however, if you share your life with a cat you will have discovered that this animal requires as much care and attention as any other

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Ataxia in cats – Symptoms and treatment

Anyone who has a cat as a companion in life, should try to offer maximum welfare. It is therefore good to stay well informed about their basic needs and the most common diseases they may suffer.

We always seek

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asthmaincatssymptomsandtreatment 40FB6FDA

Asthma in cats – Symptoms and treatment

Cats are susceptible to multiple diseases, although it is also true that cats are resistant and have an independent character, however, in many cases they need special attention.

Some pathologies that can affect cats are also commonly observed in

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ascitesincatscausesandtreatment 3FB735C0

Ascites in cats – Causes and treatment

If you share your life with a feline friend, you are sure to know what health problems you may have and what you can do about it. To offer a good quality of life you will have to spend

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arthritisincatssymptomsandtreatment 58FBAF7C

Arthritis in cats – Symptoms and treatment

As happens to humans, cats can suffer many diseases related to the joints, such as feline rheumatoid arthritis, a condition that produces inflammation and muscle pain, among other symptoms. This disease is not easy to detect since the

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