colitisincatssymptomsandtreatment 474FBF91

Colitis in cats – Symptoms and treatment

The exact definition of colitis is “inflammation of the colon“, Which is the penultimate section of the large intestine, anterior to the rectum. In practice, it results in a diarrhea that we will call a large intestine,

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causesofvomitinginthecat D8DEFB27

Causes of vomiting in the cat

Cat lovers know that one of the main attractions of felines is their independent character, which generally marks the main difference between the two main pets, cats and dogs. However, the cat organism is susceptible to contracting multiple diseases

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cataractsincatssymptomsandtreatment 46448985

Cataracts in cats – symptoms and treatment

Cataracts are a frequent eye problem in cats, especially when they age. A cataract is a pathology that consists of an alteration and a loss of transparency of the lens or intraocular lens that makes vision difficult.

Although some

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caringforacatwithhepatitis 952EC718

Caring for a cat with hepatitis

Many times I define the liver as the “Waste recycling room” of animals, and of humans. But we must not forget that it is a great source of energy for the body and is continuously doing very hard work

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careofapregnantcat 3E2A26F2

Care of a pregnant cat

Cats are quite independent animals and that attitude remains during the pregnancy of the cat. The felines can take their gestation really well by themselves without needing special care. However, yes We can help you improve the process with

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careofafreshlysterilizedcat 07F849D0

Care of a freshly sterilized cat

Currently it is advised sterilize cats of both genders to prevent their unbridled reproduction, frequent escapes from home, whose dangerous consequences are often fights, accidents, and even the premature death of the feline.

For the aforementioned reasons, in this

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canigiveparacetamoltomycat BDCA3CA1

Can I give paracetamol to my cat?

La self medication is a dangerous habit that puts human health at risk and that unfortunately some owners have also moved their pets, making this practice even more dangerous for those animals that live with us, especially if it

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canigivemycatvalerian EAB9056E

Can I give my cat valerian?

Phytotherapy (natural therapy through medicinal plants) is increasingly popular in the veterinary field, in part because the owners prefer to opt for more natural treatments to restore the health of their pets. However, a great mistake is made in

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canigiveantibioticstomycat 9441C728

Can I give antibiotics to my cat?

The felines are susceptible to contract multiple diseases and many of them of bacterial origin, perhaps they are a group of risk since among their main features stands out an independent behavior that translates into life outside the home,

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canibatheasickcat ACF9D3F6

Can I bathe a sick cat?

Cats are very clean animals, they take care of their daily cleaning. But, like us, they can get sick and when they feel bad, the first thing they neglect is their personal appearance. In these situations they need pampering

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