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Diarrhea in cats – Causes, treatment and home remedies

Is your cat with diarrhea? The first thing you have to do is try to find out the cause of this stomach disorder: if there has been a change of food, if you have observed the presence of parasites,

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Deworming in cats

Cats are very clean animals, pay close attention to their hygiene but that does not mean they are protected against parasites like fleas. If your cat goes outside or lives with other animals is susceptible to suffer them. These

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Cystitis in cats- Causes, symptoms and treatment

Cats, like us, can suffer diseases that affect their urinary tract. The cystitis It is one of the most common problems suffered by cats and can cause great discomfort if not treated properly.

It is a common but potentially

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Cushing’s syndrome in cats – Symptoms and treatment

Cats are animals that usually enjoy good health, although this does not mean that any sign that could indicate a problem should be ignored, because early diagnoses are essential for any recovery.

Among these possible diseases are from the

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Cure wounds on the cat’s pads

We can not forget that our beloved cats do not stop being predators and their organism is perfectly designed for hunting, an example of this are their pads. The pads of the cat have sensitivity, this sensitivity is used

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Contraceptive methods for cats

Few things are so tender that to see how after the pregnancy of the cat this excellent mother takes care of her endearing and playful puppies, nevertheless, we must be aware that beyond the idyllic of this scene, multiple

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Constipation in cats – Symptoms and home remedies

If you have a cat as a companion at home, surely you have been very well informed about how to take care of it. Maybe you do not have it yet but you are thinking about adopting one. Whatever

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Conjunctivitis in cats – Causes, symptoms and treatment

Conjunctivitis is one of the most frequent eye problems in cats. It is easily detectable, quite annoying for our pets and, if we do not treat it, it can lead to more serious eye problems such as corneal rupture.

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Common external parasites in cats

In countries with changing seasons, it is always grateful to escape from the cold to welcome warmer seasons, such as spring and summer, but the presence of the sun may not be as beneficial for your cat, as it

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Common diseases in the ears of cats

Each animal has characteristics that help it to develop in the different environments in which it lives. Cats, in addition to excellent vision, have an acute hearing. However, the ear and ears can suffer various conditions, worsening this capacity

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