epilepsyincatssymptomstreatmentandcare 48B1C6E2

Epilepsy in cats – Symptoms, treatment and care

Epilepsy is a disease that affects almost all living beings, including humans. It is a very frequent disorder, which makes it difficult for a normal life to suffer from it, since at any time can suffer an epileptic attack.

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entropionincatscausesandtreatment E45AE69C

Entropion in cats – Causes and treatment

The scorpion is a condition that can affect different species of animals, such as dogs, horses and cats. However, it is important to note that cats are shy animals that usually shelter when they start to feel bad and,

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Eliminate fleas from cats

Does your cat have fleas? If you have detected the presence of these small animals in the body of your pet it is important that you start the deworming process as soon as possible to ensure that the infection

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Ectropion in cats – Symptoms and treatment

El ectropion in cats It is a disease that can generate mild conjunctivitis to loss of vision and is that maintaining a correct eye hygiene of our cat is essential to prevent future diseases.

There are ocular alterations such

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Distemper in cats

The number of cats with distemper it has been reduced considerably since there are specific vaccines to prevent this disease, in addition to having the luck that cats do not need any walk. Even so and if we have

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diseasesthatastraycatcantransmit 66F62A5B

Diseases that a stray cat can transmit

Statistics say that cats that live indoors live, at least, twice as long as cats that stay outdoors. This is mainly due to the fact that they have a lower risk of suffering diseases and pathologies, infections that risk

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diseasesofthesiamesecat E8E094CD

Diseases of the Siamese cat

Animal file: Siamese

Siamese cats are very healthy pets, as long as they come from responsible and ethical breeders and there are no problems of consanguinity or other negative factors. However, some who are in adoption are victims

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diseasesoftheragdollcat 51BC4685

Diseases of the ragdoll cat

The ragdoll cats They belong to a race of giant cats that originates in the United States, from various crosses among other races, such as the Persian, the Siamese and the sacred of Burma. In recent decades, these felines

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diseasesofthemainecoon F8023C99

Diseases of the maine coon

Animal file: Maine coon

The maine coon cats are magnificent and very healthy pets. However, sometimes these cats are adopted from mediocre farms or shelters where they can not provide the care they require.

For this reason it

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dietforobesecats 34C3DB98

Diet for obese cats

Offering a specific diet to a cat that suffers from obesity is essential so that it can lose weight properly and have an adequate weight according to its constitution. As many of us know, obesity causes the appearance of

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