howtobathearagdollcat 7AEF4541

How to bathe a ragdoll cat

Animal file: Ragdoll

The ragdoll cat is a new breed product of a series of crosses between different breeds of cats. The result is a strong cat that can reach the 9 kg, with a semi-long, silent hair, extremely

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howtobatheanadultcatforthefirsttime C8276530

How to bathe an adult cat for the first time?

Cats have a well-earned reputation for being extremely hygienic animals, and anyone who has a cat at home and is stopped to observe them may have noticed the large amount of time a day they invest in grooming.

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howoftenshouldichangemycatssand 5930CBB9

How often should I change my cat’s sand?

El sandbox It is a utensil essential for daily hygiene of our cats. We must ensure that the cleaning we perform is adequate, with the aim of preventing health problems and even behavioral problems that are related to lack

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howoftendoyoucutacatsnails AE4CD2A5

How often do you cut a cat’s nails?

Arañar is perhaps the second favorite activity of cats, after sleeping. Of course, the claws that our kittens have are not a simple instrument of game and destruction, but also a Defense mechanism and a practical tool that will

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howmanydayscanileavemycataloneathome A6AB6F5D

How many days can I leave my cat alone at home?

Cats need different care from their owners, including affection and affection, because it is about social animals. Often times the pet is chosen precisely because of its independence, however we should not be confused when leaving it alone

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howlongisthepregnancyofacat 9F211F6E

How long is the pregnancy of a cat?

In this article, we are going to talk about how long is the pregnancy of a cat so that, if we are facing a cat in a state, we have an idea of ​​the date for which we should

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howlongistheheatofacat 3F650C99

How long is the heat of a cat?

When it comes to living with a ready It is inevitable that caregivers have their period of heat. Due to the specific characteristics that this presents, which we will explain in this article, the zeal is always a

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howlongisthedeliveryofacat 9930679F

How long is the delivery of a cat?

El birth of a cat It is one of the periods that most doubts arouse caregivers, perhaps because it is a process that runs mostly internally, so it is difficult to control it at first glance, which increases the

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homeremediesforfleasinbabycats FFA1C3F8

Home remedies for fleas in baby cats

Fleas are those tiny, but unbearable, insects that attack the skin of many animals such as dogs and cats. That’s because they have bodies with high temperatures, something they love. These pests grow in humid and warm environments and

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homemadecostumesforcats F5B3FF86

Homemade costumes for cats

We know how fun it is to disguise a cat either because of his vast sense of humor, the faces of disgust that come to put and even the excitement of calculating in how many seconds he is going

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