howtoeliminatethesmellofurineandfecesofm 6F54BD21

How to eliminate the smell of urine and feces of my cat?

When we decided to welcome a pet in our home, we know that its presence will fill our day to day with joy and curiosity. And if we prefer to adopt a cat as our most faithful companion, it

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howtocutacatsnails 488D67AF

How to cut a cat’s nails

A delicate moment in the care of the cat is the cut of the nails, our cats do not usually do any funny and it is very uncomfortable. But we must cut them off to prevent them from

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howtocutacatshairathome 62E2C9D9

How to cut a cat’s hair at home

Either because of the heat or because it is so long and tangled it is time to cut! Cutting your cat’s hair can be a relaxation therapy, or on the contrary, it can be a drama. A cat with

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howtocleanmycatsteeth 061BC1CF

How to clean my cat’s teeth?

Domestic cats require different care to stay healthy and prevent certain pathologies. Among them we find the Oral hygiene, one of the most important care, but at the same time most forgotten, because it depends on the cat’s

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How to change a cat’s sandbox?

The placement of the sandbox is one of the first questions posed by the caregiver of a cat recently arrived at home. Finding the right place to dispose the bathroom of our cat must match their needs with the

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howtocareforyourcatinwinter 6778D3C3

How to care for your cat in winter?

If you share your home with one or several cats, you should know that the cold is not usually to your liking. Cats feel the cold just like us, and are usually quite sensitive to sudden changes in temperature,

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howtocareforacatinsummer 095B2FF8

How to care for a cat in summer?

Pay attention to the care of a cat during the summer is extremely important, because at this time of year the high presence of parasites and heat contribute to our feline can get sick, especially if we talk about

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howtocareforacatanditsyoung C6A3D489

How to care for a cat and its young

The experience of having a cat with their young at home can be very rewarding for human caregivers, due to the tenderness of these small animals, thanks to which it is very easy to create a close emotional bond

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How to calm a hyperactive cat?

In spite of the time of coexistence between human beings and cats, we are still surprised by aspects of their behavior. Therefore, in this article we will pay attention to how to recognize and calm a hyperactive cat.


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How to bathe a sphynx cat or hairless cat

Everyone knows that the felines are excellent at the time of cleaning and keeping clean but if we talk about a particular type of cats the thing changes. Although they also take care of themselves, sphynx cats or hairless

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