imgoingonvacationwhatshouldidowithmycat 8153DAD7

I’m going on vacation, what should I do with my cat?

Before adopting a cat, or any other animal, it is very important to take into account all the responsibilities that this entails. In particular, where to leave a cat during the holidays is an issue that can not be

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isbathingacatgood 0FAF7844

Is bathing a cat good?

If you are a cat lover or you have a kitten at home, surely you have ever wondered if bathing a cat is good or bad and if it is really necessary to do it. Well, in this article

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howtosleepababycat 37FC13FF

How to sleep a baby cat?

The experience of adopting a cat puppy It is unique and unrepeatable. It is not only about winning a friend for life, it also takes us into the world of care and behavior of these incredible mammals. During this

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howtoremovepersiancatknots D669F19F

How to remove Persian cat knots

Card of the animal: Persian

One of the main characteristics of the Persian cat is its long and soft fur. But the truth is that to keep it beautiful, bright and healthy we have to dedicate time to take

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howtomassageacat 41FD3A28

How to massage a cat?

Although cats have the undeserved reputation of being little affectionate animals, the truth is that the vast majority of our feline companions will enjoy, enormously, the massages that we can dedicate to them. Especially if we want to improve

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howtomakeyourcathappy F4347E06

How to make your cat happy?

Many people think that, due to their more independent nature, cats do not need many things to be happy. Error! Probably all those people who have lived, or live with, a feline know how much they need us, although

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howtomakeahouseforwoodencats 425D30F8

How to make a house for wooden cats?

Surely we all know cats who have access to the outside or who live in neighborhoods on the street. Now in the winter, especially during rainy days, getting a protected place can be complicated for them, but also for

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howtoimprovethebreathofmycat 2EDDD50B

How to improve the breath of my cat?

Cats are animals that have a very genuine character and a considerable degree of independence, however, people who live with an animal of these characteristics know well that cats also need attention, care and enough affection.

It is possible

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howtohelpacattogivebirth D3BF1B62

How to help a cat to give birth

A circumstance that sooner or later usually happens if your cat is not sterilized, is that find pregnant. Although instinct guides them, it is not bad for first-time mothers to help them in this critical moment.

There are

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howtogrowmycatshair 22292884

How to grow my cat’s hair?

A shiny hair is the goal of any cat caregiver, as it is a guarantee of the well-being and health of our cat. A mantle in excellent condition protects our cat and is the reflection of good health.

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