tipsforcakedhairincats E8C24225

Tips for caked hair in cats

Cats are one of the animals that gives more importance to personal hygiene. Practically all the free time they have during the day use it to preen themselves. Their technique not only keeps them clean, but also helps them

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removeknotsinlonghairedcats B0476C61

Remove knots in longhaired cats

If you have a cat at home, you will know how important it is for him to groom his body and especially his fur, an activity in which cats invest a lot of time throughout the day. The results

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recommendationstobrushmycatshair F920DB51

Recommendations to brush my cat’s hair

Cats are by nature very demanding, especially when it comes to grooming. Most of them like to do that work for themselves, and the truth is that they do it very well. However, from time to time, your cat

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pregnancyinacat 4B1FDC26

Pregnancy in a cat

The cats are excellent mothers and breeders. As a rule they give birth and raise their puppies without problems. Before the first year of age they have their first heat and can get pregnant if they come in contact

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persiancathaircare 2AE919AB

Persian cat hair care

Card of the animal: Persian

The Persian cat is characterized by its long and dense coat, regardless of its face features so characteristic of this luxury feline breed. Obviously this type of mantle requires meticulous care that other cat

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mykittenisveryscaredhowdoihelphim 19DE6285

My kitten is very scared, how do I help him?

Cats are very sensitive animals to the environment that surrounds them and can be scared very easily. Whether it’s because of the arrival of a holiday, because of the fireworks or because it is a cat that has been

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mycathasroughhaircausesandsolutions 3DAF61A6

My cat has rough hair – Causes and solutions

Un healthy, shiny, soft and silky coat is synonymous with good health, this is why cat caregivers can worry when our partner presents a rough hair, neglected or with a dirty look. In this article we will explain why

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mycatshairfallsoutwhatshouldido 5D0AF90D

My cat’s hair falls out, what should I do?

If your cat falls hair is very important to inform you to identify the causes, possible solutions and warning signs that will help you identify when it is time to go to the veterinarian.

It is a common and

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Manx cat care

Animal file: Cat manx

Can you imagine a cat that does not have a tail? Surely you will find something a little strange to see. In case you did not know, there are several breeds of cats which are

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maltaforcatsdifferentusesandhowoftentoof 978681C2

Malta for cats – Different uses and how often to offer it

Cats are especially clean animals that spend hours grooming themselves. When licking they ingest a large amount of hair. If you live with a sure cat you have ever seen him cough and even vomit hairballs.

That’s when some

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