The best cats for children

Are you thinking about putting a cat in your family? If you have children, it is recommended that, before deciding on one or the other, you have in mind a series of characteristics that have a lot to do with the breed of the animal. The sociability, that they are affectionate and that they allow themselves to be caressed are some of the factors that you must value in order to put a cat in a house with small children. In this article we are going to discover you the best cats for children so you know which ones will get the best with the family.

First of all, it is important that you know the qualities that we have taken into account in order to make the selection of the best cats for children Therefore, when living with small children, it is recommended that the animals that are at home be patient, sociable and affectionate. Next we discover the general characteristics You have to have a cat to suit your family:

  • That tolerates noise strong and movements: the more scary or quiet cats can not coexist well with children because they spend the day uproarious and want to play with the animal.
  • That do not be very territorial: children can interfere in their space and the cat could reach territory with a buff or a scratch.
  • That be loving: the little ones will surely want to catch, touch and caress the pussycat so it is most appropriate that the animal is predisposed to it, so you will have to avoid the breeds that tend to be more solitary and individual.
  • That is sociable: a playful, energetic cat that likes to be with people is the best thing for children to live with.

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We start with this list of the best cats for children talking about Maine Coon, a race coming from the United States and that has a very affectionate and sociable personality. What stands out about this animal is that it is about a very big race and that it can grow quite, much more than usual in domestic cats; However, his personality is very docile and he will always want to be surrounded by his people.

In addition, these cats love water so you can enjoy your company also in summer and wet or bathe in the pool. It is one of the best options to live with your family.

El Persian cat It is also a good pet for homes with children and it is a very patient and calm animal. The children will always want to play with their friend and he will not have any problem in letting himself be touched, caressed and in being part of his games. It is also a good companion to other animals that are at home (dogs, rabbits, etc.) and easily adapts to changes.

Another good option for the little ones is to introduce the breed of cats at home Cornish Rex, one of the most affectionate that there is and, at the same time, more playful and naughty. Precisely because of these last two characteristics that we have listed, these animals are ideal for children to have a great time with their new friend.

It is a breed that comes from England and you can easily recognize them because they have a special characteristic: his fur is wavy. His personality so open and extroverted will get him to get along with the whole family and, if there are other animals at home, he will end up becoming the leader.

A list of the best cats for children It could not be complete without mentioning one of the best: the Siamese cat. They are very affectionate animals and they will always want you to pay attention to them and to spoil them. They have a very nice personality and feel a lot of sympathy for the people, so they will always try to be close to the family and will be very involved with the little ones.

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El Turkish Angora is another of the ideal cats for homes with children and is that it is a very faithful and sociable race that will always be close to the family. It is a very naughty and playful animal with which children can enjoy very funny times and have a nice time with your pet. His fidelity and sympathy are the most characteristic features of this animal that will win the love of all the members of the family.

Physically you will find it easy to recognize this animal because it usually has eyes of different color and the fur is long and very white. The best companion to hug and pamper at all hours.

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