Names for black cats

One of the most difficult tasks to do when a new animal member comes to our life is to choose the right name for it based on their condition, physical or personality, especially if they are black-skinned kittens, which are already mysterious and special. Therefore, in this article we put at your disposal a selection of the best names for black cats that exist and that we believe they are original and beautiful.

Whether they are puppies or adults, these names for female cats and their meanings They will also serve, so you just have to take a look to see which one is more suited to your cat’s personality and / or which catches your attention the most.

Also, before choosing the ideal name for your black cat we will give you some useful tips so that you really know how it has to be and that way your pet will be able to associate it more easily to your call. Do not miss them!

Things to keep in mind before choosing the name for your black cat

While it is true that the name we choose for our black cat has to like us, it is also necessary to meet a series of requirements for the cat to be able to retain it and know what you mean when you call her:

  • First of all, it is necessary that the name of your black cat is short and understandable, formed by 2 syllables approximately and with a good sound, so that your minina is able to understand it easily and there is no room for confusion.
  • Speaking of confusion, the name of your short cat It should not resemble any other word that you often use when talking or calling other people or pets, so it will be perfectly different from the rest of your vocabulary.
  • Also, you should repeat the name often to your black cat so that she knows that you are calling her since the cats usually take between 5 and 10 days to relate their name to themselves.
  • Ideally, it should be a unique name according to its personality, its physical characteristics or both at the same time. get your attention like the names for female cats in Japanese that we propose in this other article.

If in the end you do not decide on any of the names for black cats that we are going to teach you here, you can always choose to put one of this list of nice names for cats that are a little more general and not so specific for their hair color.

Names for black cats

Taking into account the previous section and the color of the fur of these felines, we have made a selection with the names for black cats that we think you may like the most and they can serve you according to the personality of each pet:

  • Asu: means “black” in Arabic. It is perfect those cats that have penetrating eyes and better profiled than its owner.
  • Bagheera: refers to the black panther of “The Jungle Book” that saves Mowgli and helps him survive. In the film it appears as a male feline but it also serves for a female cat that has a lot of strength and is very brave.
  • Bastet: She is the cat goddess of Ancient Egypt, protector of the home and the human race, and goddess of harmony and happiness. His coat was completely black so if your kitten is as divine as her, do not hesitate to name her.
  • Beltza: is the translation of the word “negra” in Basque. This name is perfect for those rough or gross cats, who have a great character and are very independent.
  • Black: means “black” in English. We know that it is one of the most typical names for a black cat but still never loses its charm.
  • Witch or Witch: in Spanish or English, this name suits those cats who are charming but at the same time reveal themselves when they do not like something.
  • Crotchet: is the translation of “corchea” in English, that is, the musical note. You can put this name to those kittens that do not stop “talking” in their language and purr.
  • Eclipse: is the phenomenon that occurs when a celestial body is superimposed on another and “covers it” blocking its light. This name is perfect if your cat has orange or yellowish eyes and completely black fur like the Bombay breed.
  • Star or Star: continuing with the celestial bodies, if your cat dazzles you every time she passes by you or is always in the clouds distracted, this name is perfect for her.
  • Magic: means “magic” in English and can go well for those kittens who have a bewitching and unmistakable look.
  • Mystery orMystic: is the translation of “mysterious” and “mystical” respectively. Black cats already have a halo of special mystery so your feline can go for pearls.
  • Negress: means “black woman of African origin” in English, so if your minion does things that seem only human this name can go very well.
  • Nigrum: means “black” in Latin and surely there are not many minins that are called that way, so we highly recommend this original name.
  • Nit, Night, Noite: it means the same in Catalan, Spanish, and Galician respectively and 3 are different ways of calling your black cat if it has the fur as the sky when it gets dark.
  • Onyx: is the translation of “onyx” in English and refers to the black mineral considered a semiprecious stone. If your cat has an overwhelming beauty, choose this name without hesitation.
  • bad luck: means “bitumen” in German. This name is perfect for those black kittens that have super shiny, smooth and beautiful coat. Here are some recommendations to brush your cat’s hair and get it.
  • Black: in Portuguese it means “black” so if you like this language, put this name and you will triumph.
  • Salem: it is the name of the ancient city where many “presumed” witches and black cats were judged by black magic, and it is also the famous cat of “Sabrina, things of witches”. It serves both male and female cats.
  • Selina: refers to the name of “Catwoman” or “Catwoman”, the fictional character of DC Comics who was always dressed in a black suit and wandered the streets of Gotham at night, perfect for authentic feline heroines.
  • Shadow: means “shadow” in English and it is not even painted a cat with black fur because it is a nice and unusual name.
  • Truffle: like the edible mushrooms that are a true delicacy or the cream used in chocolate and butter pastries, perfect for sweet and sweet cats that love to eat.
  • Widow: is the translation of “widow” in English and refers to the black widow, a kind of poisonous spider known to eat their partners after mating, so if you have a cat surly or unloving but beautiful, this name can go well.

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