Benefits of having a cat for children

If you are a father, mother or soon you will be, surely you have seen on more than one occasion how other parents scold their children when they try to approach an animal, be it a dog, a cat or any other.

This behavior, beyond being a way to protect children from possible bites or diseases, usually responds to a belief that all animals are dirty or dangerous, a belief that they try to inculcate in children from an early age, along with a mixture between contempt and fear for all animals.

However, we know that this type of action is unnecessary and could be harmful to the development of the child as a person, so we want to talk to you about the benefits of having a cat for children. You will be surprised how positive it can be that your children have contact with a cat at home. Keep reading!

A pet at home?

With the arrival of a baby, many people are concerned about how their pet will react with the new member of the family, even wondering if the cat could not harm the child, either by scratching or biting it, or if with their simple presence they are able of causing allergies and infections.

The same happens when they already have older children and are thinking of getting them a pet. The concern of whether the animal could be dangerous or harmful to the children is always present.

What can we tell you in front of this? What you can adopt a cat without problem. Of course, you should be aware of the extra responsibilities that this implies (veterinarian, food, cleanliness of spaces, love), but the animal will repay you and your family more than enough.

Now, if you want strong reasons why it is good for your children to have a cat as a pet, read on!

Health benefits

The Kuopio University Hospital in Finland is one of the many that has carried out experiments with pets and babies, demonstrating that their presence in the home considerably reduces the risk of suffering some health problems. If you want your children develop your defenses and strengthen your immune system, Having a cat is an ideal experience to achieve this.

Many times, as parents, we try to protect children from everything that surrounds them, from unpleasant situations to dust and dirt. With this we do not tell you that you should abandon children to their fate and neglect them, but part of their development as people also involves facing things as they will find them in the real world, and a little dust and cat hair are part of of those things. Therefore, if you want to prevent them from becoming adults who suffer from allergies, a cat is an ideal option.

In addition, many studies point to cats as animals whose company is capable of prevent cardiovascular diseases, calm the nerves, release stress and combat the states of depression, thanks to the pleasure of stroking them and listen to their purr, and the tranquility they are able to transmit with their relaxed attitude. Both your children and you can benefit from this.

If you have a child with autism at home, it could help you communicate with other people, as in many cases the effectiveness of animal therapy has been demonstrated, making people more social.

When you have a cat, you will notice the amount of fun situations that are capable of starring, so that at home there will be laughter, whose health benefits are more than known.

Win responsibility

It is not a secret that every day the life of other living beings is more despised, cases of abandonment increase and the number of people who look at animals with contempt is quite high, because we have become dehumanized.

In a world like this, it’s your job as a father or mother teach your children to be better people, and that includes inculcating respect and love for animals, the ability to understand them as beings who feel, suffer and love like humans.

With a cat at home, your child will learn the responsibility that means have a living being under his care, understanding that, like him, he needs food, shelter and affection. Your child will feel important knowing that the cat needs it, so let him / her participate in the care of the animal, this will help you mature and to understand the importance of the smallest beings, experience that can extrapolate to their relationship with, for example, classmates.

You will also learn Respect for the space of others, because cats sometimes do not want to be bothered, so encourage your child the necessary development of their sensitivity, which will allow you to discern when it is time to leave the animal alone.

The love you will feel for the cat will be such, that it will become your faithful companion. If the relationship is positive, your cat will easily cling to the child, watching over it in their own way, like pack animals they are.

Primordial advice

In order for the experience of adopting a cat and making it part of the family to be satisfactory, you must teach your children to treat the feline, avoiding being disturbed, trying to hurt him or pretending to see him as a toy, pulling his tail and so on. Remember that it is a living being and that it deserves the same respect and affection that any other. Teaching your child this point is essential.

By setting the limits of your children, you will also dispose of the cat, educating him on where he can be and where he can not be.

The hygiene of the spaces used by the animal and the Periodic visit to the veterinarian They are crucial to maintain the animal’s health. Carrying them out with your child will help you teach you what it means to take care of someone and why it is so important to take care of our health.

Do not forget give a good example and for this you can go to a shelter to adopt the future member of your family. Choosing a homeless cat above a breed says a lot about you and will help your child know what is really important.

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