5 exotic cat breeds

Cats are beautiful and beautiful by nature. Even when they are a certain age, cats still have a tender and youthful appearance, showing the world that the feline species always remains wonderful.

Even so, in this article we wanted to highlight five breeds of exotic cats so that you can, together with, surprise you with the different specimens that we have proposed.

Continue reading to discover 5 exotic cat breeds: the sphynx cat, scottish fold, Ukrainian levkoy, savannah and the hawksbill cat.

Sphynx cat

The sphynx cat or sphinx, also known as Egyptian cat it was developed at the end of the 70 decade. It is a cat that due to its lack of hair has reached certain fame.

They usually have a social and sweet temperament with their owners with whom they will be dependent and affectionate. What is not so well known is that while it is true that this cat has recessive hair genes, it does have a hair coat thin and short, although at first glance it is imperceptible. So, contrary to what many people think, it is not recommended for people suffering from allergies.

Its head is small in proportion to its body although it highlights very large ears. Another characteristic feature of this cat that is worth noting are its deep eyes and its hypnotic look, which can even be mystical.

It’s a cat that you will need a comfortable bed as well as pleasant temperatures inside the home when winter comes they have very sensitive skin.

Scottish Fold

The scottish fold race is, as its name indicates, originally from Scotland although its ancestors go back to Susie, a Swedish female cat that crossed with a British shorthair, which may explain the similarity of features that it shares and that stand out at a glance as for example their small, bent ears next to its round and robust appearance.

Its morphology and appearance can often remind even a stuffed animal, its sweet physiognomy is accompanied by a character friendly and quiet, the perfect companion, so it is ideal for coexistence with children, also has a great tolerance with other animals, regardless of the species.

Recently, the British Veterinary Association asked not to reproduce more cats of this breed due to his serious health problems. This species has a genetic mutation that affects the cartilage, which causes its ears to bend. However, this also causes the appearance of atritis, a health problem very painful for the animal.

Some advocates argue that if they crossed British Shorthair with American Shorthair these problems do not manifest, however, the same association argued that any cat that shows the ears of bent suffer the same genetic mutation.

Ukrainian Levkoy

The breed of this cat is originally from Ukraine and its appearance is relatively recent, being the first animal born in January of the year 2014, fruit of a cross between sphynx and scottish fold, the two races that we have commented previously.

Among the most appreciable physical features we can highlight their ears folded inwards, the angular shape of his face and the sexual dimorphism that is observed when comparing males and females, since the cats of masculine gender reach a noticeably bigger size in comparison with the females.

It is an intelligent, sociable and familiar cat that shares the best attributes of the two previous races. It is not common to find him around the world since the founders of the race continue to develop it.


We could define it as the exotic cat par excellence. It is a cat fruit of the cross with African Servants (wild cats originating in Africa that live in the savannas). We can appreciate in the cat savannah large ears, long legs and a fur that can be similar to that of a leopard. However, it is not the physical appearance that makes this breed extraordinary, but its character since they are especially loyal and affectionate.

It’s about very cats smart and curious They will learn different tricks for the pleasure of sharing time with their owners. Their price is wildly high and are banned in some countries like Australia because of the negative effect they could have on their native fauna.

It is important to mention that this breed, being a hybrid, still retains many characteristics and needs of its ancestors, which causes a Very high abandonment rate, especially when they reach sexual maturity, since in some cases they can become aggressive.


El carey cat it does not have a defined race, on the contrary, it stands out and is differentiated by its thousand and one brown colors that its ancestors have attributed to it. We have decided to include as a final note the hawksbill cat in this article to spread that mestizo races are less prone to diseases and not because they do not stop being beautiful.

We leave you with the story of the cat Carey:

Legend has it that several centuries ago the Sun begged the Moon to cover it for a while, asked for an alibi to be absent from heaven and be free.

The lazy moon, agreed, and one day in June when the sun shone more she approached him and covered him little by little, granting him his wish. The Sun, which had been observing the earth for millions of years, did not doubt it, and to feel totally free and pass unnoticed, it became the most discreet, fastest and most beautiful being on earth: a black cat.

After a while the Moon felt tired and without warning the Sun was slowly moving away. When he realized he ran to heaven, and how quickly he fled left a part of him on the earth: hundreds of sunbeams that were trapped in the black cat turning it into a cloak of reddish yellows and oranges.

They say that, besides the solar origin, it attributes magical properties to those who give them shelter, as well as good luck and positive energy.

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