10 long haired cats

There are many breeds of longhaired cats at the same time we found tremendously beautiful mestizo cats. Long hair is something that captivates many people, and no wonder! The graceful effect of the mantle is bewitching. Today we will show ten varieties of felines whose mantles are of the maximum length.

All these precious races need frequent brushing and more specific care than their shorter hair congeners. But they are care that are lavished with love, since they constantly show their affection.

If you continue reading this article, we will show you the races of 10 long haired cats.

1. Maine coon

The cat maine coon It’s a cat big size of North American origin. Their weight in adult males can reach 11 Kg., Regardless of cases of obesity that have reached 20 Kg. The females are smaller. The Maine coon cat has a dense, soft long hair with a great variety of colors.

It is one of the most affectionate, intelligent and intelligent races. He likes the family atmosphere and the children. A peculiarity of the Maine coon is that it loves water and bathing. He is a good swimmer and usually coexists well with other pets. He is quite lazy and eats like a lime. For that reason you have to control the weight. Discover more about maine coon care.

2. Angora

The Angora cats they are a very old race from Turkey. It has long and silky hair. It can have different colors, but the most appreciated ones (because they are considered the most pure and prototypical), are those of white and with eyes with heterochromia (one eye of each color).

They’re cats Very intelligent that they can learn different orders and obey them. They like to live with one or two people at the most since they need peace and tranquility. They are affectionate, but they do not like being handled excessively. They like to climb the highest places of the house and stay there contemplating serene things.

Follow your owner wherever you go in the house. However we must emphasize that he does not always like other pets, the Angora cat prefers to feel like the most important of the home.

3. Persian

El Persian cat it is a race coming from ancient Persia (now Iran), they are aristocratic-looking cats. These beautiful cats are of medium size, and can weigh up to 6 Kg.

His hair is extremely long and with a huge variety of bright solid or variegated colors. The morphology is the same among the different types of color, except in the Chinchilla variety which is somewhat smaller than the rest. The length of his hair, his flat face and his hairy tail short and rounded offer a solid appearance.

Its smart, shy and lazy. They sleep a lot and resemble a living, though latent, part of the sofa. They can live without enthusiasm with other pets. A professional should take care of his mantle periodically since, as you will see in the care of the mantle of the Persian cat, he has a fur that needs dedication.

4. Himalayo

In its origins the cat himalayo It was a cross between Persian and Siamese cats. Its weight is around 5 Kg. The characteristics of its coat are similar to those of the Persian: long, thick and soft.

It is in its face that it differs most from the Persian cat and the Siamese genetics of its origins emerge, since it has beautiful blue eyes and the dark mask in face and ears, typical of Siamese cats. The care of the Himalayan cat is very simple.

It has a very character familiar, serene and affectionate. It enjoys a high intelligence and congenia well with other pets. The professional hairdresser will take care of your precious cloak.

5. Norwegian Forest

The cat Norwegian Forest is a direct descendant of the great Nordic wild cats that the Vikings embarked on their graceful Drakkar (Viking ships), with the function of controlling the rats that lived in these stylized wooden ships.

There is a theory that sustains that these Viking cats they crossed with the American wildcats, producing the ancestors of the current maine coon. The Norwegian forest cat is big, its weight oscillates on the 7 – 9 Kg.

He has a temperament vivacious, naughty, and affectionate. It is very strong and fast, being quite inadvisable to enclose it in a floor. It is a more proper pet to live on farms, or in houses with gardens of considerable size. In these latter circumstances can coexist with other pets.

6. Sacred of Burma

The cat sacred of Burma It is a spectacular race of semi-long hair. It resembles a kind of cross between a Siamese and a Persian. With a body with long, silky and shiny fur.

It is a large cat from 7 to 8 Kg. Its morphology resembles the Siamese, but larger, solid and furry. His hair is not as dense and long as the Persian cat, and his neck is longer. Its beautiful face is totally similar to the Siamese but more hairy. It can have a range of colors similar to the Siamese, but with a unique feature: its legs must be “gloved” with precious “socks” of pure white.

It is a very race intelligent, naughty, active and sociable. He does not like to be alone and is very affectionate with the family with whom he lives. Accept well the company of other pets. It is very precocious sexually. The females can reproduce from the 7 months and the males from the 9 months.

7. Somali

El Somali cat It is related to the Abyssinian cat, but unlike the latter, its hair is semi-long. The Abyssinian cat has a short mantle. It is not a big cat, it can weigh 4 or 5 Kg. The females are smaller. The range of colors moves around the brown-reddish, cinnamon and smoke. The texture of her hair is dense and silky.

They’re cats very agile with an unruly character, since his temperament is similar to that of a puppy, even in adulthood. Which means that it will be the 1 No. curtains and sofas enemies. They love to climb and are very active, especially females. They tolerate other pets well. They are affectionate, sweet and seek to be pampered.

It is convenient that they have a garden or terrace to develop their muscles and vent their high activity.

8. Ragdoll

El ragdoll cat is a cat that comes from the United States since the 60 years of the last century. It is a large cat that can weigh up to 9 Kg., Being the smaller females. They have long or semi-long hair. Its physical aspect resembles that of a European cat crossed with a Siamese, but more similar in its face and structure to the European. Have the extremely soft hair, but thanks to its high quality does not tend to cause knots.

The main characteristic of the ragdoll cat (English rag doll) is that loosen totally your muscles when he is held in his arms, becoming limp and limp. Given the weight of the animal, it should not be caught while standing. The ragdoll cat hardly meows, and when he does it he does it with a very weak, barely audible voice.

This breed is probably the gentlest Between everyone. It is an eminently home cat, very clean and affectionate. He is intelligent and very fond of the company of children and grandparents. He is passive and withdrawn with other pets, allowing himself to be dominated by them.

9. Balinese

El Balinese cat comes from the United States and was officially recognized as a breed in 1960. They crossed Siamese with long-haired breeds to achieve a breed structurally similar to the Siamese, but with longer and silky hair.

Its weight is from 5 to 6 Kg. Its physical characteristics are similar to a modern Siamese: triangular head, large ears arranged in V, and its beautiful blue eyes with the typical tear of modern Siamese.

A characteristic characteristic of this breed is that it is very devoted and faithful to its owner, but it is not overly familiar. Usually ignore the rest of the inhabitants of the home, concentrating their affection and attention on a single person. However, since he is calm, patient and gentle, he politely admits to the rest of the family and allows himself to be pampered. He likes to live with other pets and is patient with children.

The color of its mantle is quite similar to that accepted for Siamese, but with a longer, denser and silkier upper.

10. American Curl

El american curl cat It is a rare breed. Its main characteristic is the strange disposition of his ears that bend back. It is a very recent breed that originated by spontaneous mutation the year 1981 in California. In 1983 they started to compete.

This cat has the long hair, but not very dense. Which causes it to be flattened on the body without becoming straight, since it is very soft. If it were not for his particular ears, he would look like a European cat with long fur. Usually his eyes are yellow, green or blue. The range of colors of his coat is very extensive.

The American curl is about a race intelligent, social, family, curious and naughty. He likes to live with people, being affectionate. It is friendly with other pets.

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